Monday, May 14, 2012


2013 ROY meetings will be quarterly
(January, April, July, and October)
at 9:00 a.m. at the Youngsville Public Library on
the second Tuesday of the month.
For information, call Organization VP,
Helga Laibacher at 814/563-4959.

Jamie's Hair Salon, in the old library building
at 44 West Main Street.
For hours and appointments call Jamie at 814/563-4223.
Left to right, Michaela Scott, hair stylist, and owner/stylist Jamie Scott.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Revitalization of Youngsville 2013 EVENTS

Fine Art and Vino Venue April 20th

Bicentennial Performance
June 28, 2013

Youngsville Community Yard Sale Days
July 19-21
Youngsville Area, Downtown Activities - Contact 814-563-7192
***A‘Maiz’ing Corn Festival***
August 17-19
Downtown Youngsville
Haunted Museum

Weekends in October 814-723-1795
Hometown Christmas

December TBA
Downtown Youngsville

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Revitalization of Youngsville Project Updates

     ROY is anxious to get the new sidewalks, new lighting, new underground facilities, new roadways, new landscaping, new hike/bike trail, and the new ceremonial entrance done. It has been a long seven years and they are ready to see work being done and changes being made for a newer, better, and more inviting Youngsville. Joanne Oviatt, Design VP with the Revitalization of Youngsville, highlights some of the hold ups with the streetscape project. "Railroad Street, Phase I, of Youngsville's Streetscape will be bid no later than October 2012 as required by the funding sources. However, two issues need to be resolved. One is the Federal Post Office's failure to sign an easement agreement for the project to fix their sidewalks, make Penn Dot recommended mail drop improvements, and add esthetic elements. All at no cost to them. Their rules require payment by the square foot for such agreements. All parties are trying to work it out. Issue number two is the last minute requirement that would include a crosswalk where Route 6 and Railroad Street meet with crossing lights et cetera to be upgraded. This is an unanticipated cost. The project engineer, E.G.&G, has applied for an additional grant to cover the deficit. We will know by June if the application is successful. If not, the project goes to bid in July. If successful, the project will get an additional 5 week extension to bid the project. Some prep work will be done in 2012, but the bulk of the construction will be done in the spring of 2013."
Bike Hike Trail - Reality
     Pastor Rick Hamrick announces the Youngsville Bike/Hike Trail will be a reality in 2012. The old axiom “good things come to those who wait” is half true. A dedicated group with a vision of a bike trail worked very hard to research and submit a grant application for the construction of a bike trail. Then the waiting started - after almost 4 years of reapplying and addressing one concern after another from the Dept of Conservation of Natural Resources, the bike trail is poised to become a reality. A testimony to the fact that perseverance does pay off. On January 11th Pastor Rick Hamrick received confirmation that the Youngsville trail project has met all requirements by the federal government, and is being funded. Pastor Rick states, "We should expect the approved grant documents to arrive at the Borough Office within the month. The Department of Environmental Protection permit has been filed, and all the engineering is accomplished. Now begins the real “on the ground” work, which will provide big dividends. We have some branches to trim back, some brush to move and possibly a fence or two to build. Every hour we work is charged off to the grant, so we don’t want to begin having meetings or working on the project until the grant paperwork arrives. As soon as we have the paperwork, I will work with Lisa (Borough POC) to schedule our first coordination meeting. Until then, you may provide any suggestions you have and monitor the progress at our Facebook page: Brokenstraw Bike Hike Trail. Get ready!"